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Pregnancy and Baby Care

Gentle Pre Natal Craniosacral Sessions help prepare mom's body for childbirth and strengthen Mom's nervous system for an optimal childbirth.

Post Natal Craniosacral Care sessions to resolve birth trauma,  strengthen nervous system and encourage mom and baby bonding.

Google review by Alex Grigore

"I was recommended cranio-sacral therapy in pregnancy to help relax the body and prepare if for giving birth.  I didn't know much about the method beforehand and I was pleasantly suprised!  Christi has a wonderful energy and through the sessions (which involve light gentle touch) I feel incredibly relaxed and supported.  Since I started working with her my back pain diminished and my sleep is much better.  Christi is humble, kind and passionate about her work, I highly recommend her!




I absolutely love supporting Moms and babies.  Let's connect.


Sleeping Baby

Babies love Craniosacral

                                                   Constipation        Torticollis
                             Resolves Birth Trauma                    Helps baby sleep
   Regulates Nervous System

                                                                                                           Bonds baby with parents
F                                                                           Frenotomy After Car
e (tongue-tie)

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