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My Philosophy


A Biodynamic Approach to Craniosacral Therapy

My philosophy is Biodynamic and based in neuroscience and body mechanics.  Trained to flow alpha brain waves and experienced in palpating the subtle currents within the body in order to locate impingement in the soft and deep tissue for the purpose of resolving tension, pain and illness.  This light, non-invasive somatic body work addresses pain and illness through regulating and healing the nervous system (which dictates all of the body's functioning).  In my sessions, I create safety and treat and bring balance back to the whole person ~ mind, body and Spirit.  I use gentle techniques to release stress and trauma held deep within the tissue and muscle.  Clients say they feel grounded, centered and calm after just one session.  This deeply relaxed state is where we heal.  Journey with me as we move from a state of imbalance to balance.

"The Nervous System can be a profoundly potent tool for unlocking and discharging trauma and to prime and prompt peak mental states and inspiration."

Jaimie Wheal,

Author of Living in the Flow

Santa Cruz beach 800 feet from my studio
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